Thursday, April 7, 2011

Apply for CCS (California)

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CCS stands for California Children's Services. CCS is a State and County program designed to meet the additional health care needs that children with disabilities have. CCS works in conjunction with Medi-Cal (aka Medicaid) and Healthy Families (aka SCHIP).

Depending on your County, some CCS good and services, such as Physical Therapy and durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, may be available to your child based solely on their disability. In order to get the full range of services available to your child through CCS, you will need to fill out a CCS application.

How to Apply

1. You will first need to apply for SSI Disability benefits (See Step 3)

2. If you are approved for SSI Disability benefits, you will automatically receive no-cost Medi-Cal. If you are denied SSI Disability benefits, you will need to apply to Medi-cal directly (See Step 4)

3. If you are not approved for no-cost Medi-cal, you will need to apply for Healthy Families (See Step 5)

4. Fill out the online CCS application, print it and mail it to your local CCS office

CCS Overview Link

CCS Application Link

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