Monday, January 23, 2012

Get a Handicapped Placard

More Info on Government Programs Here.

Before you dismiss the idea; a handicapped placard is about much more than parking in blue spaces.

Chances are, you are going to be visiting the hospital quite a bit this first year. Even if you NEVER park in a blue space, most hospitals will waive the parking fee if you show them your placard. I personally paid out over $100 in parking fees our first six months before a shocked nurse asked me why we didn't have a handicapped placard.

Again, even if you NEVER park in a blue space, most states will allow you to use public parking for free (ie; parking on the street and not having to feed the meter). In addition, most states will let you park in green zones (usually a 10-20 min limit) as long as you like.

We almost never parked in a blue space until our daughter received her first wheelchair and even now that we have a wheelchair we don't always take advantage of the blue spaces. But you becha' we used the placard to from the day we got it to save money whenever we could!

Typically, it is your pediatrician who will fill out the necessary form for you. You take it to your local vehicle registration office and voila!

For a run down on the Disabled Parking Laws by country and state, Click Here.

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