Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get a Document Folder Going

More Info on Government Programs Here

Many of the programs you will be applying for will require that you provide the same documents over and over. I would suggest creating one master folder of all your original documents that you can copy from for various Government Program applications.

Take this folder with you whenever you have an interview for a government program.

Some of these items may not apply to you specifically, some you may not have yet but will obtain as you go through the application process.

Your folder should include the following:

- Name, address and phone number of every doctor, therapist, hospital and clinic that has seen or treated your child in the last year

- Any medical records you already have, including the dates the child was seen or treated and the child's patient ID number(s)

- List of the medication(s) the child is taking

- Child's state-issued medical assistance number, if any. (In California, this would be the number on your child's BIC card)

- Copy of the child's Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) for early intervention services or Individualized Education Program (IEP) for special education services, if the child has one.

- Names, addresses and phone numbers of any social service programs and the name of caseworkers that have information about your child

- Name, address and phone number of any other adult who helps care for your child and may be able to provide additional information about your child

- An original or certified copy of your child's birth certificate. If your child was born outside the US, you will need proof of US Citizenship or legal residency

- Photocopy of Social Security cards for every adult and child who lives in your household

- Proof of current income for all family members living in the household (pay-stubs, self-employment tax returns, unemployment or other program benefits, child support)

- Proof of resources for the child and parents living in the household (bank account statements, life insurance policies, certificates of deposit, stocks or bonds)

- Photocopy of most recent Rent or Mortgage statements

- Property tax statements for all property

- Photocopy of the registrations of all automobiles, boats, campers and trailers owned

- Photocopies of all burial trusts / prepaid burial contracts/information on burial plots

- Photocopy of any current Health Insurance cards

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