Friday, October 16, 2009

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Powerchair Diaries


Arthur Blank was one who, in 1978, could have easily lost faith and gotten stuck in the depths of his sudden change of seasons, his winter. After a decades-long career with a national home-improvement chain of stores, he’d worked his way up to regional manager, a very lucrative, prestigious position in the company. But, one day in 1978, after 30 years of loyalty, Arthur Blank had a disagreement with the company’s executives – and he was fired on the spot.

It’s hard for anyone to get fired, ushering in a roller coaster of emotions that are understandably filled with defeat and self-doubt. And, Arthur Blank had them, too. But, not for long. See, Arthur Blank instinctively knew about seasons of change, and when he faced his winter – abruptly fired after 30 years – he was already looking toward his spring, where he wasn’t only going to survive life’s harshest times, he was going to use the changing of seasons to come back exponentially stronger.

Later that year, Arthur Blank co-founded a store that you may have heard of: Home Depot.

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