Thursday, June 25, 2009


Our goal here is connect you with people who are not letting their disability stand in the way of having a career, building a business or following their passions.

Check out their sites and drop a few bucks - it is one of the best ways to support these Extraordinary individuals within our community.

Heart Dog Studios
Recently returning to San Diego from a stint of Los Angeles living, Tamandra is pursuing her blossoming art career with passion and heart, always striving to communicate meaning and emotion. Dogs are her primary focus, because they represent for her the perfect manifestation of unconditional love. "The love that dogs share with us in such abundance is a gift. It's a gift that heals. It truly is medicine for the soul." Her adoration comes through in vivid, vibrant colors. And whether human or animal, Tamandra's depiction of the eyes (seemingly effortlessly) reveals the soul and spirit of her subject--as well as so much of her own.

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