Monday, June 22, 2009

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I am a mother of three wonderful children, one of whom was born with Spina Bifida. I was shocked when I found out when I was 18 weeks pregnant. I cried for days. One thing that changed my outlook was the ability to talk to a mother who went threw what I was going thru and I got to see a child who had what my daughter did. I still have that memory 2 years later. I would love to let parents know that they are not alone, and neither are their kids.


Michele Hays
Jackson (3) L3-S1 VP shunt, cathing twice a day, club feet, dislocated hips, ACM II. Working on walking with a walker.


Scott and Karlee Leyva
Everlee 02.02.09 * SB S2-3, VP Shunt (5 revisions), Cath 3x's daily, ACII and smiles non stop!!! We have two daughters, Aubree is 3 and Everlee is almost 5 months. Everlee has SB and Hydrocephalus. She is currently on her 6th shunt and is cathed 3x's a day. Besides a few set backs she is doing awsome! We have been out of the hospital for over a month, yeah! She rocks with all of her therapy. Once we get settled in the new house I will be better about keeping our blog updated.


Jacqueline Pochop
Hunter, who is now four years old, was born with SB L4-S2, Hydrocephalus w/shuntX3, ACII, club feet, g-tube, tracheostomy, and more! In addition to Hunter we have 3 daughters (10, 14, & 17) and 19 year old son. He is a pro in his wheelchair and has already told us he is going to do backflips in it; in addition to playing wheelchair basketball and baseball. He is also getting pretty good at walking with his walker and braces (AFO’s & KAFO’s). Hunter is a hero to many and an incredible inspiration and we honored to have been chosen as his parents.

Bess Moore

Matthew Linden
Father of Annabelle Lucille Linden born 8/7/8 with T5-level SB, Hydro, VP Shunt and Bilateral clubbed feet

Holly Linden
Mother of Annabelle Lucille Linden born 8/7/8 with T5-level SB, Hydro, VP Shunt and Bilateral clubbed feet

Erika Atkinson
Our son Nicolas has SB S2-S4 . No shunt, Walking independently, Cathing 7 per day, Reflux level 4, and we are doing everything we can to save his kidneys.


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Nathan and Brianna were born March 4, 2009. Brianna has Spina Bifida (L3?), VP shunt, cathed 3x's day...she's our little miracle!

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